A SMART Initiative Info

The S.M.A.R.T Initiative…

Aaron is a 25 year Law Enforcement officer that has dedicated his career to help others. With this experience he wants to reach out and share information on how to keep your children safe on Social media outlets and the Internet.

The SMART Initiative is a continually growing Social Media and Technology awareness presentation and website that is dedicated to help people understand Social Media and Technology that kids are using today. I understand that kids are growing up in a Technology Driven world that some parents did not have the opportunity to explore. This Presentation and web site is designed to give parents, Teachers and anyone interested, general knowledge of Social Media, Popular Sites and also a place to ask questions.

The Class is Free, with Donations accepted. All Donations go toward purchase of apps for research, course hardware and material.

For more information email aaron.yarnell@gmail.com

The SMART Initiative is a Non Profit Organization dedicated to helping parents keep their children safe on Social Media.

6 thoughts on “A SMART Initiative Info

    • Yes there is. If you go back to the main page of site (www.socialsafetypatrol.com) and scroll down. You will see a categories section on the right side of screen. In the categories is a link called Danger Danger Apps to watch for. There is the reviews of the VERY high Threat Level apps. If you have any questions. Let me know!

  1. Loved your presentation at Kimberly Clark. Mentioned the ability to see why a unit in your neighbor but don’t see that.
    What was that?

  2. Thank you for coming to Valley View Baptist Church. I truly enjoyed all of the information you had to share looking forward to looking up your website

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