Threat Level – very low

Recently, Disney released a new free app called Story for Apple iOS devices. The Disney Story app is optimized for iPhone 5. It loaded fine though on my iPhone 4S, I had no evident issues although the app was not designed for my particular model of phone.

The idea behind the app is that the pictures and videos you take tell the stories of your life. You are able to view shared stories on a unique website that is created for each Disney Story created in the app. If you choose to share just keep in mind that those who can see your Facebook or are invited to the email will be able to see the story, so please don’t publish private information like addresses or phone numbers.

The information provided by Disney from the App Store indicates that the unique Disney Story websites will not be able to be searched for or found without the unique web address. Any pictures or videos uploaded, but not shared are deleted from the app’s server after seven days.

I found the app to be very user friendly on my Apple devices, and kind of fun seeing the timeline of photos. The Disney Story app accesses your camera roll to organize pictures and videos by date and location. This makes it very easy to see stories of your life appear before you to share with others.

You can share this via their website, Facebook or email. I gave this a very low threat level due to the those ways being the only way to share.




Threat Level – Very High

Whisper is a social media app available on mobile devices that is calling itself a private social networking app, that lets you connect to others with your interests.

This app flags as a 17 plus app, but just takes few touches to bypass right by that warning. Once the app is downloaded, you can start viewing posts from other strangers, without registering a name, picture or email address.

This does not look like Facebook or any other social media site, but if I had to pick another app to compare the look to, I would go with Pinterest.

Users can select a picture, or a default image for the background selection. Once you have your background, you then can make a 200 character post on anonymity. When I was viewing the posts, I would see a lot of sexual explicit topics and homosexuality.

Once a post is made, users can comment and like the posts. You also have the ability to discuss someone else’s post with a comment or give them a like.

Another feature inside the app, is how it uses gps on your device to show you others that are utilizing this app closest to you, everyone I have checked that feature with have been within 5-10 miles.

This app also allows you to share things you find to other popular media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

I am not sure why a child would ever need this app on their device. I don’t feel like posting things to strangers about any topic is safe. Throw in the GPS to see people close to you and that equal lbs very high threat level. Keep this one deleted.

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