Threat Level – Moderate

Keek app is another video sharing app that is growing by the day. Keek advertises over 50 million users and constant updates. Keek seems to take several different social media styles and combines them into one. Also the name Keek seems similar to kIk. With Kik being a very popular texting app, you wonder if they named it so similar for that reason alone.

Keek is a free download on android and apple devices that allows you to create a new account (login) or logging in with your Facebook or Twitter account.

Once you sign into the app, you are able to view and upload videos. Videos can be up to 36 seconds long. You also have a profile that you set up with a username and photo. Once you have your account setup you can follow other people and see what videos they are posting. In return they can follow you back to view your videos. Also inside the app you can view the top Keek videos in the most viewed section and the Top 100 users section to see what the top users are posting.

Keek has also added private chatting with private sharing. And sharing for multiple people for group chats and video

Think of this app as a mixture of a messaging app, twitter and Instagram. The dangers can come from others open videos that your kids can search and view.

Users are able to hash tag search videos, and it didn’t take long as I was scrolling through videos to find some very harsh videos with explicit language.

I gave this app a moderate threat level as it should be monitored closely. If you find Keek on your child’s device, be sure monitor who they are following and who is following them. It only takes one mistake and your child could be following someone that you would not approve of.

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